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Pool maintenance

Time to relax and let us keep your pool crystal clear!

what we do

Keeping Purity & Safety in Pools All Season

Carolina Crystal Pool and Spa prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and operating with integrity. We offer a diverse range of services that are tailored to meet your unique needs and expectations. Our services comprise Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, One-time cleaning, Opening/Closings, Green-to-Clean, Filter Cleaning, Salt Cell Cleaning, Pool Schools (initial openings), and Chemical Checks.


superior value for our customers

Pool Cleaners

works everyday with Carolina Crystal Pool and Spa

What they say


Carolina Crystal Pools has taken great care of our pool! They do what they say, when they say, and take the time to explain everything in detail. Thank you for everything you do! Extremely satisfied with the service!


Leigh and Brian

Our pool has never looked better! We could not be any happier with our service! Thank you for taking the time needed with our pool.

Leigh and Brian


Gracey has done such a great job for us! She is always focused and reliable. My pool is always swim ready, which makes my wife really happy!


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We will take the work out of pool ownership and ensure you can enjoy maximum fun in your Carolina Crystal clear pool!

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    Making Your Pool Look Its Best

    Each visit is unique, and we have the experience to tailor our services to suit the needs of your pool.

    01. Weekly Service
    02. Bi weekly Service
    03. Monthly Service
    04. Opening Pool Service
    05. Closing Pool Service
    06. Green to Clean (unsafe to safe)
    07. One time Cleaning

    Time to relax and let us keep your pool crystal clear!